Aircraft Management

Your IA “Flight Department” takes flying to a new level.

Database and Chart Updates
Flight Prep
Maintenance Coordination
Launch and Recovery
Recordkeeping and Tracking

Database and Chart Updates

Maintaining flight databases and approach charts is important for your safety and comfort, plus it’s required to keep your airplane up to date and legal. It’s also a time-consuming process—and we know your time is valuable.

Let IA perform GPS and chart updates for you. You’ll always be current and assured of excellent flight planning.

Flight Prep

At IA, we understand that when you’re ready to fly, you’re ready now. And while it’s the captain’s job to ensure the craft is ready for safe flight, IA can expedite your travel plans by:

  • Staging the plane
  • Ensuring appropriate fuel and fluid levels
  • Performing a walk-around that assures no discrepancies when the captain does his/her pre-flight and engine-start checklist

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Maintenance Coordination

If you’re flying your own aircraft and have business to tend to when you touch down, we’ll take care of your plane as if it’s one of our own. We can service it (including coordinating with your regular maintenance facility, if appropriate), clean it, hangar it—whatever your needs are—and have it ready when you’re ready for your return.

We’re part of your team when you need us.

Launch and Recovery

You’re in a meeting. Time’s short. You need to launch at 4 p.m. to make a business dinner in Dallas. IA can help. We’ll have your airplane out of the hangar, fueled, full of oil and ready to go. When you pull up on the ramp we will be waiting to assist you with your luggage and anything else that you need. You can expect the same service and attention to detail when you return.

You can’t find a better support team, full-time or as needed.

Recordkeeping and Tracking

Aviation recordkeeping is mandatory to prove an aircraft’s airworthiness and ensure that safety standards are met. IA can track your flights and hours flown, plus gather other data about the day-to-day operation of your aircraft. And for good measure, we’ll make sure your maintenance is planned and performed on time.

With IA, your records will always be up to date and your airplane ready to fly at a moment’s notice.


Regular cleaning may seem like a simple and obvious function, but it is paramount in aviation. A dirty airplane puts a lot at risk:

  • Safety
  • Plane performance
  • Your investment

Other cleanliness factors include:

  • Faster flight
  • Efficient inspections for spotting trouble signs that could otherwise lead to disastrous consequences
  • Ensures better routine maintenance, including preserving your aircraft to help sustain its value

IA can clean your airplane after every flight, upon request or on a set schedule (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) so that you’re always ready for takeoff.

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